Not sure if counselling is for you? Has a friend or doctor recommended it but you're not sure why?

Counselling in a nutshell


Counselling is far more than simply talking to someone and sharing your problems. It is based on many, many years of psychological theories and research.

To become a qualified counsellor itself takes years of specialised training and personal development.

Talking to a counsellor is very different to talking to a friend or family member. A counsellor aims to create a completely non-judgemental and objective environment, based on a mutual feeling of trust and respect.


Counselling can help you understand yourself, your patterns of behaviour, and your relationships. It can help change negative thoughts and help you come to terms with past and present traumas.

It may take only a few sessions to feel better, but sometimes it takes time to make a significant and lasting impact on your life.

Successful counselling revolves around an open, trusting relationship between you and your counsellor.


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