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Is it enough?

Life is one big, complicated jigsaw puzzle. There is no picture to guide you and help you see what you are working towards. Some bits are bright and bold and when you fit them together it is interesting and exciting when you finally reveal what’s there. But that’s not the whole puzzle.

There are too many pieces of sky to fill in. You know the ones. The bland, somewhat boring blue pieces that merge together. They take hours and even when they are complete, there is nothing to really reveal that surprises you. Just slightly different hues of blue, sometimes with a suggestion of a fluffy white cloud drifting by.

In all of our lives, there are pieces of sky. Lots of them in fact. It’s just a part of life. Not every day is an exciting image waiting to be revealed. Not every day is fun, or intriguing or life-changing and that’s okay, it’s just the way it is. It would be pretty exhausting if it was, wouldn’t it?


What if your life is just sky? Just boring pieces around the middle and nothing that stands out in between? Your job is dull but it pays the bills. Your relationship is okay but you’re pretty tired of being taken for granted. Your friends are nice but they never really make an effort with you anymore. Your life generally ticks along without much drama. There isn’t really a huge problem that you can put your finger on, and that’s good.


Is it enough?

Here is the part where I could go to town with loads of lovely cliched quotes. You only live once, life is short, you’re a long time dead… but I’m pretty sure you would roll your eyes if I did that and I wouldn’t blame you. You don’t need to be reminded that this is your only chance at life on this planet, that you won’t get this time back, that it goes by in a flash. You know all that, even if it’s buried deep down most of the time. So all I ask is that now and then, you look at your life and you think to yourself “is this enough?”

Everyone has different limits; different wants and needs for their life. Some want a fairy-tale, some what normality, some want bits of both. No one can judge or comment on which one you choose to have, but you are the only one who can be responsible for making it happen.

You may have become accustomed to living the life you lead, and would rather not question it and that’s honestly completely fine. But if your job isn’t fulfilling, your partner isn’t treating you like the amazing person you are, and if your friends are leaving you feeling like you are a second choice, then take a moment and remind yourself that nothing is set in stone and nothing is forever. You can make changes whenever you want, you just need to make the decision to start.

We all have those boring pieces of sky. But how much sky are you willing to have, and how many bright, bold, exciting pieces do you want? Look at your life exactly as it is now. It’s not going to be amazing every day. But is it enough?

Lauren x


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